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PestGuard Solutions Moisture Control and Mold Remediation Greenville SC

GUARDING your property from Moisture or Mold

PestGuard Solutions Protects Your Crawl Space or Basement from Mold and Moisture Damage.

PestGuard Solutions - Excellent Customer Service Moisture control and mold remediation is one of the best investments you can make to protect your property and ensure costly problems don't creep up on you. If you have a crawl space or basement, a vapor or moisture barrier can help prevent or control moisture or mold issues. Your crawl space works as a sponge and will over time soak up moisture from the ground. While your crawl space sucks up moisture from the ground, your home is also sucking up moisture from the crawl space. This can lead to various home and pest control problems, including mold and fungi growth, damaged wood and foundations, pest control infestations and costly repairs.

At PestGuard Solutions we understand how to solve moisture and mold problems and prevent and protect your home from costly repairs. Our PestGuard professionals are trained to measure the relative humidity in your crawl space, diagnose complex water intrusions and provide solutions that will provide long term results - right away!

Moisture protection services we offer include French Drains, Crawl Space Encapsulation, Dehumidifiers, Vapor Barriers, Vent Fans, Waterproofing, Mold Remediation Treatments, and Insulation Install and Removal.

French Drain Installation Greenville SC

French Drains

Internal French Drains
Water can get into a crawl space in two ways; by surface water (rainfall) or by ground water. If your home is built on a hill or there is a slight downward elevation that direct water toward your home, chances are there is water in your crawl space. Standing water in your crawl space can cause a whole host electrical, HVAC, insulation and floor joist.

At PestGuard Solutions we have years of experience in installing these types of drains throughout the Upstate of South Carolina. Our experts will direct any water from a higher spot, typically where your home or garage is located, to a lower one where we install Sump Pumps and Basins. This not only keep you from worrying about standing water in your crawl space, but also the costly damages standing water in your crawl space causes homeowners.

French Drain Installation Greenville SC External French Drains & Waterproofing
When water is entering your basement walls or you live on a slab home and water is entering your home through expansion joints, the most reliable way to eliminate this water is by installing a external French drain. When this undesirable, free-standing water is entering your basement a external french drains will need to be installed by using slotted pipes, filter fabric and gravel. This process also includes digging down to the footer of your home and WATERPROOFING your basement walls and foundation walls. Call PestGuard today and we will provide a free assessment of your property and identify were the water is entering your basement and home and provide solutions were to waterproof your foundation, install french drains and eliminate surface water.

Vapor Barrier Installation Greenville SC

Vapor Barriers

Effective moisture control protects your property investment and can reduce or eliminate costly problems that can seriously damage your home's foundation or structure. Most homeowners aren't aware of the damage until it's too late and the damage has been done. Prevent these expensive problems from sneaking up on you by installing a vapor barrier or crawl space encapsulation from PestGuard Solutions. Among the benefits of having a vapor barrier include:

Crawl Space Encapsulation Greenville SC

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Why Is My Crawl Space So Humid?
Over 50% of household air can flow up from your crawl space! Because of this it important to keep this unsightly space as clean and dry as possible. When a vapor barrier is not adequate enough in a crawl space and moisture levels and humidity are still a problem, the solution is called crawl space encapsulation.

Here are some possible reason why your crawl space may be to humid and causing damaging moisture issues:

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Encapsulating, or at least sealing, your crawl spaces is becoming a popular solution for avoiding indoor moisture issues. To the average person, encapsulation can be compared to the lining added to swimming pools to avoid leaks. At PestGuard Solutions we will install a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier that will completely cover your crawl space - usually the floors, foundation walls, and sometimes even the foundation piers. This can also be described has extended the vapor barrier on the ground all the way up the walls. We also seal the vents and tape the seams for added moisture control and protection. This prepares the crawl space for a CRAWL SPACE DEHUMIDIFIER. This mechanism will make sure your crawl space maintains an appropriate humidity level. This provides your home with maximum protection from moisture accumulation and mold damage. Keeping your foundation dry also helps prevent insect infestations from termites and carpenter ants who thrive in moist, wet spaces such as those under your house.

Mold Remediation Treatments Greenville SC

Mold Remediation Treatments

Mold and mildew on your floor joists indicate a moisture problem. Surface fungi and mold will not cause the wood to decay when they cover only the surface of the wood. Lowering the moisture in the area where mold or mildew is present is enough to stop the growth. However, in any situation where you have mold, it is wise to call a qualified professional to inspect the mold and verify the air quality is affected by a serious type of fungus. At PestGuard Solutions we are experts in identifying and treating surface fungi and mold in your crawl space. Call us today to check your crawl space moisture conditions and see if mold or mildew is affecting your home.

Insulation Install and Removal Greenville SC

Is your Insulation wet or damaged?

PestGuard Solutions also removes and replaces old, damaged and wet crawl space insulation. Call us today at 864.616.6308 to schedule a free inspection and consultation.
PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"These guys are the best! They are kind and respectful to our property and their techs are always friendly. The product is great too! Where we are, pests are a big problem and PestGuard has given us a sense of ease of mind living in our home. And they respond immediately. I can't recommend them highly enough!"

- Hunter S.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"In addition to addressing our flea infestation, they came to the house to do our termite bond, a fire ant treatment, and had to come back a couple times to deal with the INSANE flea problems in our newly purchased home. I was hesitant to even contact them again when the fleas persisted after their 30-day guarantee time period because most people would charge again...but Tyler came back even after that period of time to deal with them until they were finally gone! I wouldn't hesitate to use this company again and would highly recommend."

- Kim M.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Very nice, friendly, professional and quick. The Price was WAY better than the 5 companies I called earlier that day and I spoke directly to someone, no extra or waits. Definitely going be my go to pest control place. Already recommending them to friends and family."

- Ashley W.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"I have used other local companies in the past and was never satisfied. PestGuard went above and beyond to take care of my home. They are respectful, trustworthy, and honest. Highly recommend."

- Timothy W.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"After recently buying our first home, we encountered some issues with a very, very wet crawl space. When we contacted our home inspector and Tyler, they both went way out of their way to help fix a problem that wasn't truly theirs. Tyler was prompt, friendly, and honest. He helped calm any fears I had about having a wet crawl space and got the problem solved. We will certainly be customers in the future!"

- Kelly W.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Company was very professional and honest from the start. Tech was extremely helpful and thorough. Highly recommend to anyone that needs termite protection and warranty coverage."

- Greg T.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"PestGuard showed up quickly for emergency services, prices very satisfactory and exemplary service! Very friendly and professional. Highly recommended!!!"

- Victoria H.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Tyler and team did a fantastic job addressing our crawlspace issues that included moisture remediation and dry rot too. They are experts in crawlspace ventilation with self controlling vents and fans. We use them for our termite bond and pest treatments on all our properties."

- Tim H.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"This company was so pleasant and professional on the phone prior to the at appointment and explained all the options. He was prompt on arrival and once again explained everything he would cover. I highly recommend PestGuard Solutions."

- Tracy S.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"I had Tyler come out and perform termite prevention and pest control. All I can say is it was an absolutely wonderful experience. Tyler is very knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, and through. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars!"

- Joel A.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Fast, nice professional service, will definitely recommend to friends & family."

- Marie D.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Tyler is very professional and very easy to work with!!! Loved doing business with him... He always looks out for the customers best interest."

- Codey M.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Mike the technician was really friendly an did a wonderful job!! Thank you all so much i can finally relax!!"

- Tracey B.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Could not be more pleased with the service I received from Tyler this week. He sprayed the inside, outside, and even sprayed for mosquitoes. I am finally able to enjoy my backyard without being attacked! Outstanding customer service!"

- Madison M.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"The gentleman was knowledgeable, respectable and efficient in the work. His prices were very reasonable. He treated the house and gave us a good quote on moisture control. I contracted him to do my termite control. Very satisfied!"

- Mitch B.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"They are big enough to take care of any problem I have. BUT! They are also just small enough to still care about the customer. I will use them again and highly recommend them to anyone and everyone I know."

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Very courteous and punctual. Super friendly."

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Great company,we had a deadline to get this work done, They made it happen for us. We really appreciated his help."

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"PestGuard Solutions is phenomenal! Excellent service and very reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend them if you have any pest control or moisture problems."

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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- Tim E.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"After using PestGuard Solutions on a rental property of mine, I felt compelled to give him additional properties based on his knowledge, service and professionalism. He takes customer service seriously and it shows. All companies talk the talk, few can do the walk ! I would recommend PestGuard for all your extermination needs."

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Excellent service! Very friendly and professional! No more bugs in my home thanks to PestGuard! I highly recommend them!"

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"PestGuard did a wonderful job. On time, showed great attention to detail and was very professional. Me wife and I had them out to handle our termite problem. Price was very fair and the work exceeded our expectations. They provided us a great guarantee as well. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality job at a affordable price. "

- Thomas W.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Courteous, called to confirm appointment the day before. Was on time and prepared to do what we had agreed upon, Actually went above and beyond to make sure everything was to my satisfaction."

- Donald W.