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PestGuard Solutions is Greenville's Premier Extermination Company That Can Eliminate Any Type of Bug or Pest Infestation.

PestGuard Solutions - Excellent Customer Service We have an array of effective pest control solutions for your home or business. Our expert pest control technicians can eradicate all types of flying insects, crawling insects, and any type of bug or pest. We offer a variety of treatment options, including One Time Treatments, Monthly Treatments, and a Quarterly Pest Control program that works to keep common insects and pests out of your home or property all year long, including Ants, Bees, Beetles, Crickets, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Cockroaches, Rodents, Silverfish, Firebrats and Earwigs and Spiders.

Additionally, we provide Termite Control, Mosquito Eradication, Bedbug Extermination, Fire Ant Control, Flea Extermination, Moisture Control and Mold Remediation services. We will listen to your problem, big or small, and deliver solutions that work - guaranteed.

Quarterly Pest Control

Initial Assessment & Treatment
We will thoroughly asses your home or business and identify an areas that could be adding to your pest problem, as well as treat the interior and exterior of your home with our four way pest control service.

Ongoing Quarterly Treatments
We will treat your home's exterior, windows, doors, lights crawl space and eves while adapted to any seasonal pest activity in your area.

Unlimited FREE Re-services
If at any time you need us back to treat, we will come back and treat your home or business - No Charge. Guaranteed. With PestGuard Solutions you have 365 day protection.

The pests listed below on this page are all part of our comprehensive service and are included in our Quarterly Pest Control program.

Ant Control Greenville SC


If you walk outside and look around it wont take long before you find an ant. Ants are one of the most common and numerous of all insects home and business owners deal with in South Carolina. Most ants are easily recognized, but sometimes winged adults are confused with swarming termites. Whenever attempting to manage and control ants in your home or yard, it is important for a pest professional to first find out what species of ant is causing the problem. Although there are many ant species in the Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson area there are primary four types that seem to cause frequent problems: Fire Ants, Argentine Ants, Odorous House Ant, and the Carpenter Ant.

Fire Ants are a unique pest problem all their own, and their control is not included in our Quarterly Pest Control program. Please visit our Fire Ant Control page for more information on our Fire Ant Control services.

Argentine Ant: Yes, they are native to argentine and brazil, but they are not here for a visit. The Argentine ant has been living is south Carolina for well over a century. Argentine ants can be located in your home near most places such as, pipes, potted plants, bathrooms, and sinks. You might also find them near food sources in the kitchen. At PestGuard there are several methods and solutions that we use inside your home and outside to not only stop the current infestation, but also prevent from future Argentine Ant invasions.

Odorous House Ant: This extremely common ant pest Pest more areas of the US then even the Argentine Ant. They get their name from the odor they give off then they are crushed. The smell resembles that of a rotten coconut. Odorous house ants like to nest in walls around pipes and heaters. They can also build their nests in crevices around your sink and laundry room. They usually enter building when the weather is rainy, or during the fall when leaves are falling. It is important to use multiple tequinice of control when dealing with Odorous House ants in and around your home. Baiting and broad type spraying are must to not only stop the current infestation, but eliminate the problem at the source.

Carpenter Ants: The Carpenter Ant will also not only infest your home or property, but it can also cause damage to your home. They differ from termites in that they chew through the wood and disregard it rather then eat it. They can usually be found in structures that are moist and already experiencing some type of moisture rot. Once the nest is located by one of our PestGuard professionals, proper treatment directly and around the infestation is crucial. Sometimes this treatment may involve drilling a wall or void and applying an approved pesticide.

Bee Control Greenville SC

Bees / Wasps / Hornets / Yellow Jackets

There are several types of wasps, bees and hornets that call South Carolina home. Dealing with wasps, hornets and bees and their nests can be very dangerous. At PestGuard Solutions we know these dangers and have tools and equipment capable of solving your hornet, bee and wasps problem quickly and efficiently. If you think you have a wasp, bee or hornet problem feel confident because we have you covered. Here are PestGuard Solutions we will guards your home and offer:

Wasps create their nests from chewed wood or mud (depending on the species). The first sign that you have a wasp problem is seeing increased activity around your flying around your property. Areas where wasps, bees and hornets might set up nests include: Attics, rafters, Eaves or any kind of overhang, such as; garages, sheds, playground equipment, swing sets, barbecue grills, decks, pools and around patios.

Beetle Pest Control Greenville SC


Mainly found outside around your favorite house landscapes, beetles can also enter your house in the spring and summer looking for other insects. Grain beetles can also infest your kitchen areas eating through cardboards and plastics to find grains, rice, cereals, dog and bird food. At PestGuard Solutions we will provide protection against beetles that are not only around your home, but also throughout your home.

Cockroach Extermination Greenville SC


Cockroaches are one of the most common household insect in America. Cockroaches are also one of the most adaptable and successful insect groups. Although there are several species of cockroaches in South Carolina, there are mainly four species that you will deal with in your home or business. We will guard your property and offer:

With cockroaches, it is no laughing matter. We use a five-step process that consist of identification, inspections, non-chemical strategies, sanitation techniques and pesticide control. Our trained professionals will offer to you a proven and specific solution that guarantees results the moment we leave your home or business. PestGuard Solutions can rid your home of any cockroach problems you may have. No infestation is too big. We have seen it all, and have the experience, training, and tools to eliminate your cockroach problem quickly and affordably.

Cricket Extermination Greenville SC


Although crickets produce for us a very pleasant sounds in the summer and autumn months, when they enter your home they can be quite noisy and disturbing. These pests can be invasive and they can range from just a few intruders to large numbers. No matter the pest or insect, our job is to protect your home. We will provide control for:

Rodent Control Greenville SC


Mice and Rats have been spreading disease and sickness since the beginning of time. The main reason is still due to their habits of traveling and dwelling in sewers, garbage, etc. Because of these reasons there are still cases of human and animal diseases being transmitted by rodents. For this reason alone it is important to protect your property and family. We will provide your home or business proper rodent control and management that will stop potential disease and provide a rodent free property. PestGuard Solutions will guard your property and offer control from:

Silverfish, Firebrats and Earwigs Pest Control Greenville SC

Silverfish, Firebrats and Earwigs

Home and business owners usually see these insects when a cabinet door has been opened or when an object under which they were hiding has been moved. Although most silverfish, firebrats and earwigs are active at night it is not uncommon for them to be seen around your bathroom, laundry rooms and kitchen sinks. As part of our quarterly service at PestGuard solutions we will inspect these areas and make sure to treat around your cracks, crevices and piping where these pests are located.

Spider Pest Control Greenville SC


Unlike other insects Spiders are not easily controlled with the same pesticides you spray for ants and roaches, or any other ground dwelling insect. Spiders are arachnids, not insects. Unlike insects, spiders do not typically groom their legs with their mouths, which is how ants and roaches usually ingest ground pesticides. Spiders will often not be affected by a standard pesticide that is applied on the perimeter around your home. Our team at PestGuard solutions recognize this obstacle and will identify and integrate the best strategy to stop and control spiders from making your home theirs.

What types of spider will PestGuard control?

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"These guys are the best! They are kind and respectful to our property and their techs are always friendly. The product is great too! Where we are, pests are a big problem and PestGuard has given us a sense of ease of mind living in our home. And they respond immediately. I can't recommend them highly enough!"

- Hunter S.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"In addition to addressing our flea infestation, they came to the house to do our termite bond, a fire ant treatment, and had to come back a couple times to deal with the INSANE flea problems in our newly purchased home. I was hesitant to even contact them again when the fleas persisted after their 30-day guarantee time period because most people would charge again...but Tyler came back even after that period of time to deal with them until they were finally gone! I wouldn't hesitate to use this company again and would highly recommend."

- Kim M.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Very nice, friendly, professional and quick. The Price was WAY better than the 5 companies I called earlier that day and I spoke directly to someone, no extra or waits. Definitely going be my go to pest control place. Already recommending them to friends and family."

- Ashley W.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"I have used other local companies in the past and was never satisfied. PestGuard went above and beyond to take care of my home. They are respectful, trustworthy, and honest. Highly recommend."

- Timothy W.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"After recently buying our first home, we encountered some issues with a very, very wet crawl space. When we contacted our home inspector and Tyler, they both went way out of their way to help fix a problem that wasn't truly theirs. Tyler was prompt, friendly, and honest. He helped calm any fears I had about having a wet crawl space and got the problem solved. We will certainly be customers in the future!"

- Kelly W.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Company was very professional and honest from the start. Tech was extremely helpful and thorough. Highly recommend to anyone that needs termite protection and warranty coverage."

- Greg T.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"PestGuard showed up quickly for emergency services, prices very satisfactory and exemplary service! Very friendly and professional. Highly recommended!!!"

- Victoria H.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Tyler and team did a fantastic job addressing our crawlspace issues that included moisture remediation and dry rot too. They are experts in crawlspace ventilation with self controlling vents and fans. We use them for our termite bond and pest treatments on all our properties."

- Tim H.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"This company was so pleasant and professional on the phone prior to the at appointment and explained all the options. He was prompt on arrival and once again explained everything he would cover. I highly recommend PestGuard Solutions."

- Tracy S.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"I had Tyler come out and perform termite prevention and pest control. All I can say is it was an absolutely wonderful experience. Tyler is very knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, and through. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars!"

- Joel A.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Fast, nice professional service, will definitely recommend to friends & family."

- Marie D.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Tyler is very professional and very easy to work with!!! Loved doing business with him... He always looks out for the customers best interest."

- Codey M.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Mike the technician was really friendly an did a wonderful job!! Thank you all so much i can finally relax!!"

- Tracey B.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Could not be more pleased with the service I received from Tyler this week. He sprayed the inside, outside, and even sprayed for mosquitoes. I am finally able to enjoy my backyard without being attacked! Outstanding customer service!"

- Madison M.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"The gentleman was knowledgeable, respectable and efficient in the work. His prices were very reasonable. He treated the house and gave us a good quote on moisture control. I contracted him to do my termite control. Very satisfied!"

- Mitch B.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"They are big enough to take care of any problem I have. BUT! They are also just small enough to still care about the customer. I will use them again and highly recommend them to anyone and everyone I know."

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Very courteous and punctual. Super friendly."

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Great company,we had a deadline to get this work done, They made it happen for us. We really appreciated his help."

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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- Tim E.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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- Jack B.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

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