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Protecting Your Property from Termites

PestGuard Solutions Can Take Care of Your Termite Problem Before it's Too Late.

PestGuard Solutions - Excellent Customer Service Start GUARDing your home or business today from costly termite damage before it destroys your investment.

Termite damage is the largest home expense in America and accounts for nearly a billion dollars in damages. It's no wonder nearly all home owners insurance coverage excludes termite damage from their warranties. That is where PestGuard Solutions comes in. From the minute we reach your property, you will no longer have to worry about these stubborn wood eating machines. We provide comprehensive solutions, including; termite inspections, termite treatments, and treatment bonds to our customers throughout Greenville, Spartanburg and Anderson counties.

Termite Control Greenville SC

Free Termite Inspections

We perform free inspections to evaluate your property and determine if there is any evidence of termite activity. Based on our inspection findings, we will recommend an appropriate course of action. If no termite activity is detected, an ongoing monitoring and protection plan may be recommended. If termite activity is detected, we will develop a treatment solution to eliminate the problem.

Termite Treatments

Once our experts at PestGaurd Solutions complete their inspection we will select a treatment option based on your home's construction, the infestation type, and other factors. Our goal is to effectively eliminate any termite activity and create a barrier to prevent future infestations.

Bonded Lifetime Termite Protection

At PestGuard Solutions we provide our customers termite bonds with LIFETIME protection for your home or business. This warranty can not only save you thousands of dollars, but also adds a peace of mind to the property owners. There are no surprises. No hidden fees, no deadlines. Just fill coverage on your home or business. For the duration of your termite bond, we will inspect, monitor and control your termite problem, protecting your home and your business.

Termite Pre-Treatments

If you are building a new home, pre-treatment options can work to prevent a future termite invasion. The pre-treatment may include the use of physical barriers, liquid barriers, bait systems, or other products. We will evaluate your property to determine the pre-treatment option that is right for your needs.

Termite Letter CL-100 (Wood Infestation Reports)

PestGuard Solutions provides priority termite inspections and services for Realtors and real estate agencies. Visit our Realtors page for more information.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Very nice, friendly, professional and quick. The Price was WAY better than the 5 companies I called earlier that day and I spoke directly to someone, no extra or waits. Definitely going be my go to pest control place. Already recommending them to friends and family."

- Ashley W.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Company was very professional and honest from the start. Tech was extremely helpful and thorough. Highly recommend to anyone that needs termite protection and warranty coverage."

- Greg T.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"This company was so pleasant and professional on the phone prior to the at appointment and explained all the options. He was prompt on arrival and once again explained everything he would cover. I highly recommend PestGuard Solutions."

- Tracy S.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Fast, nice professional service, will definitely recommend to friends & family."

- Marie D.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Mike the technician was really friendly an did a wonderful job!! Thank you all so much i can finally relax!!"

- Tracey B.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"The gentleman was knowledgeable, respectable and efficient in the work. His prices were very reasonable. He treated the house and gave us a good quote on moisture control. I contracted him to do my termite control. Very satisfied!"

- Mitch B.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Very courteous and punctual. Super friendly."

- Jeremy B.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Great company,we had a deadline to get this work done, They made it happen for us. We really appreciated his help."

- George W.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"I would definitely recommend this company. Hard to find this much attention to detail. They were also prompt and courteous."

- Allison T.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"After using PestGuard Solutions on a rental property of mine, I felt compelled to give him additional properties based on his knowledge, service and professionalism. He takes customer service seriously and it shows. All companies talk the talk, few can do the walk ! I would recommend PestGuard for all your extermination needs."

- Jack B.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Great prices! Arrived on time (for my termite treatment), very thorough, explained everything, job was completed in a timely manner. I would highly recommend this company!"

- Alma V.

PestGuard Exterminators and Pest Control Greenville SC

"Courteous, called to confirm appointment the day before. Was on time and prepared to do what we had agreed upon, Actually went above and beyond to make sure everything was to my satisfaction."

- Donald W.